Historic castles, chateaus & manors in Hannover

Castles, chateaus & manors in Hannover

Your event in a castle, in a chateau or a manor in the area of Hannover

The region of Hannover is well known for its historical locations such as extravagant manors, opulent castles and feudal chateaus. Celebrate your event in a unique, centuries old atmosphere and ask yourself the time old question, “if only walls could talk!”.  Between dream weddings in a chateau, festive luncheons in a castle or presentations on the feudal estate your ideas need know no limits.Nowhere can tradition and contemporary values be dovetailed better than here, in and around Hannover.

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Das Schlößchen im Kurpark Bad Nenndorf

Das Schlößchen im Kurpark Bad Nenndorf   Buchenallee, 31542 Bad Nenndorf

The Schlösschen in Kurpark Bad Nenndorf near Hannover is a dreamlike romantic venue - just the right setting for an unforgettable wedding! Spend the most beautiful day of your life with your guests within the historic setting or outdoors. For the civil wedding you can expect a wedding room or - and this is seldom in Germany - you say "Yes, I will" to each other directly under the open sky.

Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Near Hannover
  Train station   1,5 km
  Airport  31 km
Der Gartensaal

Der Gartensaal   Trammplatz 2, 30159 Hannover

The restaurant Der Gartensaal located at the Neues Rathaus downtown Hanover was opened in 2000 and offers an atmospherically historic setting for events with up to 200 persons. Whether as an event room for business events, as one of the most beautiful wedding locations of the city or just for a stylish dinner – the restaurant Der Gartensaal offers the suitable location for any occasion.

People capacity 199
Venue for Wedding, Private event, Event, Movie / Photo
Area Hannover City
Gutshof Rethmar

Gutshof Rethmar   Gutsstraße 16, 31319 Sehnde/Rethmar

Earlier the manor Rethmar in Sehnde near Hannover was the centre of the feudal estate house Rethmar. Today the affectionately restored property is a wonderful special location for events. Celebrate in the granary a rushing party or invite your business partners to the elegant restaurant. We offer to you many possibilities for your event.

People capacity max. 550
Number of event areas 5 (largest event area: 320 m2)
Venue for Private event, Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area Near Hannover
Hardenbergsches Haus

Hardenbergsches Haus   Alte Herrenhäuser Straße 10, 30419 Hannover

Hardenbergsche Haus belongs to the most exclusive locations of Hanover, without exaggeration. The wonderful baroque building lies very close to Herrenhäuser Gärten. It is being booked as a wedding location, as well as for business occasions and family celebrations of all kind. There are several elegant premises that can be used for events.

People capacity max. 60
Number of event areas 5 (largest event area: 78 m2)
Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area North of Hannover
  Train station   4,8 km
  Airport  17 km
Rittergut Grossgoltern

Rittergut Grossgoltern   Gutsstraße 8, 30890 Barsinghausen

Granted there are many locations that have a nice atmosphere near Hanover. But no other location is as multifaceted and unique as the Rittergut Grossgoltern near Barsinghausen. Whether major events, small feasts or presentations – we always have suitable event rooms for you. And with the spacious outdoor area we are the perfect open air location for outdoor events.

People capacity max. 500
Number of event areas 8 (largest event area: 400 m2)
Area Near Hannover
  Train station   6 km
  Airport  25 km
Rittergut Remeringhausen

Rittergut Remeringhausen   Heuersser Straße 25, 31655 Stadthagen

The Rittergut Remeringhausen is just as suitable for your family celebration or company event as it is for cultural events, concerts and as a romantic film backdrop. 10 minutes away from the motorway A2 and about 30 minutes from the city centre, the Remeringhausen Knights' Estate is also close to the Hanover airport. Events for up to 2,000 people are possible and are planned and carried out with love for detail.

People capacity max. 300
Number of event areas 6 (largest event area: 60.000 m2)
Venue for Wedding, Private event, Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area Near Hannover
  Train station   6 km
  Airport  30 km
Schloss Herrenhausen

Schloss Herrenhausen   Herrenhäuser Straße 5, 30419 Hannover

Castle Herrenhausen is a new special location of wonderful situation in Hannover. The historical location, destroyed during the Second World War, has been reconstructed anew. The classicistic facade has been established according to the plans of the court master builder Ludwig Friedrich Laves from 1820. If you search representative and elegant event rooms, castle Herrenhausen is the perfect venue for you.

People capacity max. 425
Number of event areas 10 (largest event area: 518 m2)
Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area North of Hannover
  Train station   4,2 km
  Airport  11,1 km
Schloss von Hammerstein

Schloss von Hammerstein   Großer Winkel 17, 31552 Apelern

Special location Schloss von Hammerstein, located at the gates of Hanover, offers you the perfect scenery for any occasion with its historical and stylish ambiance and its impressive castle garden. Make your vision of an unforgettable wedding- or birthday-party or a special business event at the unique premises of a renaissance castle come true.

Venue for Private event, Event
Area Near Hannover
Wasserschloss Hülsede

Wasserschloss Hülsede   Über der Beeke 3, 31867 Hülsede

The moated castle Hülsede is an impressive construction of the early Weser Renaissance and lies south of Hannover. The location offers amazing event rooms full of elegance and style. However, even if you like it rather rustic, we have the suitable rooms for you. Whether knight's hall, festival barn or vault cellar: We offer the suitable setting for all kinds of event and still have got an extensive outside area.

People capacity 1200
Number of event areas 9 (largest event area: 450 m2)
Venue for Private event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area Near Hannover
  Train station   12 km
  Airport  25 km

Wilhelm Busch Museum   Georgengarten 1, 30167 Hannover

With the Wilhelm Busch Museum as the venue for your event with up to 150 people, you are guaranteed to delight your guests! The popular museum is located in the classicistic Georgenpalais at the edge of Hannover's city center and in the middle of the beautiful landscape garden near the Herrenhäuser Gärten. The unique ambience offers a stylish setting for your private or business events.

Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo, Event modules & Incentive programmes, Wedding, Private event
Area North of Hannover