Children's birthday party Brunswick

Children's birthday party in Brunswick

Chidren’s birthdays become a hightlight

The next children's birthday birthday party gets nearer and you hardly have an idea how to entertain the small guests? No problem, because in Brunswick there are some kid's locations where game play and fun are guaranteed for hours. There are kid's locations under the open sky and others with indoor areas. According to the weather you can decide on the suitable place. Of course it is a difference whether you plan a child's birthday for six or ten years of age. Therefore, you should pay attention, before deciding for a Kid's location, to the fact whether enough action is offered for the respective age group.

1 Venues
phaeno - Die Experimentierlandschaft

phaeno - Die Experimentierlandschaft   Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg

This kids location is going to be loved by your kid! The phaeno in Wolfsburg makes sure that your childrens birthday celebration is something extraordinary. Inside the phaeno children can try out exciting phenomenons. Getting to know science and technology – spontaneuos visitis can be just as great as a birthday celebration. The phaeno counts as an extraordinary kids location.

People capacity max. 800
Number of event areas 4 (largest event area: 1.800 m2)
Area Near Brunswick, Wolfsburg
  Train station   0 km
  Airport  29 Braunschweig km