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The event rooms as a setting for your event in Duisburg

For almost every occasion you will find in Duisburg predestined event venues. Whether for a large or small group, business event or private party – fiylo.com has a wide selection of venues available for you. In addition, you usually benefit from modern technical equipment, various seating configurations and an experienced team on site. Of course, the catering is often provided on site.

12 Venues
Carter Benson im H2Office

Carter Benson im H2Office   Schifferstraße 196, 47059 Duisburg

Meet at a high level in the puristic venues for 20 or 50 people of the H2Office in Duisburg. The transparent complex was modeled after a catamaran and has a unique maritime flair. Inviting efficient meeting rooms, conference rooms and function rooms are available for your bespoke business event. The state-of-the-art ambience and the motivating atmosphere give meetings a progressive character.

People capacity max. 42
Number of event areas 2 (largest event area: 28 m2)
Venue for Meeting, Conference & Congress
Area Duisburg South
  Train station   2,3 km
  Airport  25 km
Casino Bliersheim

Casino Bliersheim   Bliersheimer Straße 83-87, 47229 Duisburg

Celebrate events of the special class in a dignified ambience! In the heart of the logport area in Duisburg you will find the Casino Bliersheim. The backdrop of the thriving industrial and service park is the perfect contrast to the historic Villa Ensemble Bliersheim. The extraordinary location on the Lower Rhine accommodates function rooms for 20, 50, 100 or 200 people, depending on the size.

Venue for Movie / Photo, Presentation, Event, Meeting, Conference & Congress
Area Duisburg West, Duisburg South
Gebläsehalle im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Gebläsehalle im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord   Emscher Straße 71, 47137 Duisburg

Celebrate your event at the Gebläsehalle in the Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord. The closed ironworks and industrial monument reveals event rooms of historical charm as a many-sided special location. Surrounded by idyllic gardens and the most different event islands, the locations suitable for 300 people and more distinguish themselves with adaptable halls of added value.

Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation, Homecoming
Area Duisburg North
IntercityHotel Duisburg

IntercityHotel Duisburg   Mercatorstraße 57, 47051 Duisburg

Duisburg is glad about its first IntercityHotel! In a prime location, we present 176 rooms including modern equipment and soundproof walls. Business customers will get their money worth with max. 200 people in our four technically well-equipped conference rooms. Enjoy a private party or a business event in our event rooms and get spoilt by tasty buffets or multi-course menus.

People capacity max. 180
Number of event areas 4
Venue for Movie / Photo, Presentation, Event
Area Duisburg Fair, Duisburg City Center, Duisburg East
  Train station   0 km
  Airport  22 km
Kleiner Konzertsaal Duisburg

Kleiner Konzertsaal Duisburg   Düsseldorfer Straße 19, 47051 Duisburg

In the „Kleine Konzertsaal Duisburg”, not only concert dreams come true. The sound quality of the hall with its seating capacity of up to 150 people is comparable to international first class. The charming meeting rooms await your personal events.

People capacity max. 170
Number of event areas 4 (largest event area: 214 m2)
Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area Duisburg East
  Train station   1,6 km
  Airport  24 km
Kraftzentrale im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

Kraftzentrale im Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord   Emscher Straße 71, 47137 Duisburg

An important component of the Landschaftspark Duisburg is the power station on an area of ​​6,000 m². More than 4,000 people find space in the context of major events on site, however, the conditions can also be used as meeting rooms, conference rooms or congress rooms. As a customizable room divider function two curtains. Wi-Fi and LAN connections are available as well as a generous parking space.

People capacity max. 4.200
Number of event areas 1 (largest event area: 6.000 m2)
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo, Conference & Congress, Meeting
Area Duisburg North
  Train station   8 km
  Airport  30 km

Küppersmühle   Philosophenweg 49 - 51, 47051 Duisburg

The historic Küppersmühle is the wedding venue of choice in Duisburg. Family celebrations give us a special shine with our comprehensive, attentive service. Our event professionals will do their utmost to make your best day a little bit nicer. Experience a celebration of harmony in our individually decorated function rooms.

Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Duisburg North, Duisburg City Center
Mercatorhalle Duisburg im CityPalais

Mercatorhalle Duisburg im CityPalais   Landfermannstraße 6, 47051 Duisburg

The congress center with its own Philharmonic orchestra represents high flexibility in a demanding ambience. In a central city center location with excellent transport connections, there is a range of facilities available from the large hall, small rooms, six conference rooms, spacious foyers and an exclusive VIP lounge for meetings and congress events, corporate events, seminars and training courses, as well as gala events.

People capacity max. 2.000
Number of event areas 10 (largest event area: 1.100 m2)
Venue for Meeting, Conference & Congress
Area Duisburg City Center, Duisburg East
  Train station   0,4 km
  Airport  20 km
Mercure Hotel Duisburg City

Mercure Hotel Duisburg City   Landfermanstraße 20, 47051 Duisburg

The Mercure Hotel of Duisburg city offers great possibilities for events on private or business occasion. Six event rooms of the venue are convincing by premium comfort and modern technical equipment. Due to the central situation, your guests can reach the venue quite comfortably.

People capacity max. 190
Number of event areas 7 (largest event area: 204 m2)
Venue for Movie / Photo, Presentation, Event
Area Duisburg East
  Train station   0,5 km
  Airport  25 km
Steinhof - Duisburg

Steinhof - Duisburg   Düsseldorfer Landstraße 347, 47259 Duisburg

High-carat events are placed very well in the auditorium with firmly installed big stage. The auditorium can be divided into three single areas or it can be used as a complete event arena. The historical prototype among the locations for more than 500 people has to offer most different event rooms.

People capacity max. 900
Number of event areas 5 (largest event area: 800 m2)
Venue for Movie / Photo, Presentation, Event
Area Duisburg South
  Train station   9,3 km
  Airport  15,4 km
Villenpark Rheinperle

Villenpark Rheinperle   Villenstraße 2, 47229 Duisburg

Hardly any other venue in the vicinity of Dusseldorf offers as much style and flair as the Villa Rheinperle in Duisburg. In a stately ambience events with several hundred guests are possible. Invite into the elegant premises of the house or celebrate in the palace tent. You are also welcome to include the 6,000 m² garden area.

People capacity max. 1.200
Number of event areas 8 (largest event area: 900 m2)
Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area Duisburg City Center
  Train station   1,9 km
  Airport  27 km
Stiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum

Stiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum   Düsseldorfer Straße 51, 47051 Duisburg

The Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Foundation in Duisburg offers you a very special setting for private, social and business events. The main location is the 400 m² Lehmbruck Wing with capacities for up to 199 persons. The light-flooded ambience stages both lectures and readings, is suitable for concerts or dance events and also makes conferences a complete success. Comprehensive equipment is available.

People capacity max. 199
Number of event areas 1
Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area Duisburg City Center
  Train station   500 m km
  Airport  18 km km