The technical development of the recent years caused an enormous change in all branches of industry. Innovative technologies and the digitalization allow the realization of ideas and concepts that were only visions 10 years ago. At the same time the technology enables people to steadily improve and perfect things. The event technology is situated in this area of tension. In 1981 Jürgen Neumann and Eberhard Müller have founded a company in Düsseldorf and have steadily forwarded the technical developments of this branch of industry. They have established that employees possess the knowledge and know how to offer the clients a perfect event, to give advice and to realize new visions. The both visual- and audio engineers promptly succeed with their philosophy. They were prepared to surrender their responsibility and built a network of branches all over Germany. The both settled in Munich and Hamburg with the Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik. Nowadays there are 19 branches in all big cities of Germany plus in Brussels, Prague and Dubai. All sections operate autonomously and every employee works autonomously in the team. Flat hierarchies, clear structures and elaborated profit sharing are welcome working conditions. The great commitment to Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik of each single employee is the result of this extraordinary construct. While Eberhard Müller administers the directorship of the whole company in Hamburg the branch managers Stephan Werner and Roger Clarke as well as the 16-headed team at the Berzeliusstraße 19 in Billbrock take charge of the daily business. Throughout Germany about 800 employees work for Neumann&Müller. More than 100 project managers and dispatchers design, plan and realize about 4.000 events in Germany and worldwide each year. Very important is the pool of about 800 freelance specialists. Our own educational system for about 60 young people is the future of the company. Stephan Werner: “To us it is important to qualify the own trainees in the various areas of the event technology. Apprenticeship places and traineeships are strong demanded. Many graduates are integrated in the team as employees.” Neumann&Müller works as a technical service provider for national and international companies. Shareholders' meetings, product presentations, conferences and media conferences are realized by us. The technicians develop technical concepts for festivals, tours, sports- and cultural events – for example at our technical partner the Color-Line-Arena. We technically equip spectacular events as the product launch at the producer of fork lifters Still. We also plan and organize events and presentations – from the coffee roastery Tchibo to the hotel Atlantic to the publisher Gruner & Jahr. Since decades the specialists of Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik cooperate closely with the major radio- and television stations. The company perfects sound, lighting, video, conferencing, staging, rigging, special effects and event-it. You cooperate with one contact person who consults you continuously from the planing to the disposition to the implementation. Roger Clarke: “We emphasize that right from the start the client, the event manager, architects, booth builders as well as technicians are brought together. That helps to implement the creative ideas without problems.” To inform you of the complexity of Neumann&Müller Veranstaltungstechnik please visit our homepage

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