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The technical development of the last years has provided for a huge change in all economic branches. Today innovative technologies and the digitization allow the conversion of ideas and concepts which were maybe one more vision ten years ago. At the same time technology enables the person to continuously improve what exists, or even to perfect it. In this tension field the event technology is always moving. Jürgen Neumann and Eberhard Müller who have founded their company in Dusseldorf 1981, have continuously advanced the technical developments of the branch till today. They have provided for the fact that the employees dispose of a profound know-how to carry out unique events for the customers, to discuss them extensively and to make those visions come true that were just one first idea yesterday. Both picture and audio engineers quickly had success with their philosophy for the company N&M; they were also ready to hand over responsibility and successively built up from Dusseldorf an establishment network all over Germany and abroad. Today there are 19 establishments in all bigger towns and on numerous trade fair places of the republic, besides, branches in Brussels, Prague, Dubai and Nottingham. The N&M sites operate independently and in spite of the company size today, every employee is independently integrated in the team by level hierarchy, clear structures and a polished programme involving him and her in the success of N&M. The distinctive engagement of every single employee for the whole enterprise is the result of this unusual construction. In Cologne establishment leader Gerhard Hald and Moritz Späth as a contact for fair exhibitors and fair organizers provide with their teams for the conversion of the daily business. All over the country more than 800 employees work for N&M. 125 project managers and dispatchers conceive, plan and move about 4,000 events per year in Germany and worldwide. On this occasion the “backbone” of the company is the "partner pool" of about 1,600 freelance active specialists - technicians, masters and engineers of different fields. Besides, the future of the enterprise lies in an own education area which was currently created for 67 young people. "It is important for us to qualify the own younger generation in the different areas of event technology. Education and traineeship are in great demand at our company. And many graduates are, in the meantime, employees of the team", according to Gerhard Hald. As a technical service provider N&M is active for national and international enterprises, agencies and event specialists and, for example, as a service partner for the Cologne Trade Fair. Here they offer to exhibitors and fair organizers a comprehensive, media-technical care, for example, for stand presentations, press conferences and congresses. Besides, the engineers compile technical draughts for industrial events, show events and gala events at locations like "Expo 21", Cologne Opera, Gürzenich Hall, Castle Bensberg, Palladium, Alter Wartesaal, Wolkenburg or Lanxess Arena. Moreover, they are active for a huge number of TV and broadcasting productions in the media city. On all areas of competence - audio / lighting / video / conferencing / staging / rigging plot / content production / event-it - the enterprise relies on highest perfection. Continuous consultation and firm contacts from the planning about the arrangement up to the realisation are the base for it. Moritz Späth underlines, "We place special value on the fact that already in the concept phase everybody sits at a table: Principals, event managers, architects, stand builders as well as engineers. Thus we have the best chances to bring the creative images and their suitable conversion possibilities in harmony and that in an uncomplicated way." Moreover, the enterprise gives a deeper insight into the complexity of its operational areas on the Internet site at

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