Familiy celebrations Dortmund

Familiy celebrations in Dortmund

Popular venues for your unforgettable family celebration

For your festive events with the family, there are a lot of top venues in Dortmund and its surrounding area. How about having a joint lunch at a baptism in one of the nice restaurants or a birthday party in a historic location? Whether you want to celebrate in a small round or with a large party, at fiylo.de you will find the event location that suits your family celebration.

13 Venues
Alte Kaue

Alte Kaue   Barbarastraße 7, 44357 Dortmund

Give your wedding a touch of infinity and an elegant backdrop at the Alte Kaue. The unique industrial character on the old "Adolphvon Hansemann" colliery in Dortmund is always right - no matter which season. The Alte Kaue has developed into a true trendsetter for the implementation of family celebrations. The domicile is also very popular as a solid wedding location.

Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Dortmund North
DAB Brauerei / servgast

DAB Brauerei / servgast   Steigerstraße 20, 44145 Dortmund

Spend the most beautiful day in your life against a historical backdrop - in the Brewery Museum Dortmund! The venue is still partly made up of original buildings from before WWI. For ambiance weddings is the brewhouse of 1912, in which the registry office of the city on Saturdays like to do its job. Of course, the location is modern and equipped for a delicious catering professionals from the servgast GmbH.

Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Dortmund City Center
Festsaal Hagen / Hagen-Locations

Festsaal Hagen / Hagen-Locations   Märkischer Ring 50, 58095 Hagen

In the Festsaal Hagen you may enjoy an unforgettable wedding reception in a modern and stylish ambience directly on the B54 in Hagen-Mitte. Due to the convenient location, the Hagen Locations and the city center are quick and easy to reach. For you and your guests in the adjacent low-cost 24-hour parking garage over 400 parking spaces are available. Depending on the seating, up to 200 seated persons can be accommodated in the ballroom, 80 to 150 of them at round tables.

People capacity max. 300
Number of event areas 5 (largest event area: 240 m2)
Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Dortmund South, Near Dortmund
  Train station   1 km
  Airport  30 km
Herr Walter

Herr Walter   Tremoniastraße 22, 44137 Dortmund

Today the former bulk freight ship is a spectacular club and event ship measuring stately 60 m and offering an amazing open-air location and party location in the Dortmund harbor. Family celebrations get a new dynamism and an unusual event value aboard our giant.

People capacity max. 800
Number of event areas 5 (largest event area: 160 m2)
Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Dortmund North, Dortmund City Center
  Train station   1 km
  Airport  8 km
Parkhaus Barop - Stolzenhoff

Parkhaus Barop - Stolzenhoff   Auf der Höhe 9, 44536 Lünen-Brambauer

The big hall "Mediterran" in the Stolzenhoff multi-storey car park Barop in Dortmund is a new location with a lot of charm and Mediterranean atmosphere. The event rooms can be used as wedding location as well as for family celebrations, receipts and conferences. You have got enough space for events with up to 150 people.

Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation, Wedding, Private event
Area Dortmund South, Dortmund West
Road Stop Dortmund

Road Stop Dortmund   Hohensyburgstraße 168, 44265 Dortmund

If when you think about burgers, your mouth starts to water, then you are definitely going to love the Road Stop Dortmund! Let yourself be spoilt in the stylish restaurant with real American cuisine, which, by the way, is more versatile than most people think. You will therefore find a large selection of different dishes and matching drinks on our menu. A real highlight is our All American BBQ buffet.

People capacity max. 150
Number of event areas 1
Venue for Eat & Drink
Area Dortmund South, Near Dortmund
  Train station   13 km
  Airport  21 km
Schürmanns im Park

Schürmanns im Park   An der Buschmühle 100, 44139 Dortmund

The Schürmann in the park in Dortmund offers the perfect setting for smaller events and family celebrations with up to 60 people. The event rooms of this location are equipped with premium technology. The event location is situated in the Dortmund Westphalian's park.

People capacity max. 120
Number of event areas 3 (largest event area: 180 m2)
Venue for Private event, Wedding, Movie / Photo, Presentation, Event
Area Dortmund South

Seepavillon   An der Buschmühle 100, 44139 Dortmund

The elegant and friendly event rooms of the Seepavillon are booked with pleasure as wedding location or for other family celebrations. The wonderful situation in the Westfalenpark allows brides and grooms to carry out a wedding under the open sky. In addition, there are many great motives for individual wedding photos.

Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Dortmund South, Dortmund East
Warsteiner Music Hall / Phönixhalle

Warsteiner Music Hall / Phönixhalle   Phoenixplatz 4, 44263 Dortmund

If you are looking for a special venue for your wedding, then you have found it with the Warsteiner Music Hall! Since November 2017, the historic industrial setting has been available for romantic celebrations and other private occasions with up to 3,600 people. The building, erected in 1905 on the site of the former Phoenix-West steelworks in Dortmund's Hörde district, has previously undergone extensive renovation without losing any of its original charm.

People capacity max. 3.600
Number of event areas 1 (largest event area: 1.925 m2)
Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Dortmund South
  Train station   6,1 km
  Airport  13 km
Cabaret Queue

Cabaret Queue   Hermannstraße 74, 44263 Dortmund

The best day of your life is best celebrated in the Cabaret Queue. Already since 1985, the conditions are often used for various cabaret, music and comedy events. Turn one of the last classics in the region into a wedding venue! Up to 150 people can accompany you, if you venture in Dortmund-Hörde the step into a new stage of life. From a culinary point of view, you will also be spoiled.

People capacity max. 200
Number of event areas 3 (largest event area: 100 m2)
Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Dortmund City Center
  Train station   6,1 km
  Airport  12,4 km
café balou

café balou   Oberdorfstraße 23, 44309 Dortmund

You want to get married soon and want to celebrate it where you married? Then book the café balou at the cultural centre in Dortmund. Celebrate your dream wedding with up to 100 people in the picturesque winter garden or plan your big day in the festival hall, which will enchant you with its charming ambience. In the café balou, you will make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

People capacity max. 100
Number of event areas 1 (largest event area: 250 m2)
Venue for Private event, Wedding
Area Dortmund East, Near Dortmund
  Train station   6 km
  Airport  7 km
Eventhouse / Sunshine Hotel

Eventhouse / Sunshine Hotel   Hohensyburgstraße 186, 44265 Dortmund-Hohensyburg

This wedding location has been a popular destination in Dortmund for many years. And justifiably so! The hall offers everything a wedding couple may desire. A long bar supplies the guests with all kinds of drinks. A dance floor is ready for Disco Fox und others, and in the conservatory, you may expect the subject buffet for up to 150 guests. A dream for gourmets! Beside the great ambience inside, the Sunshine Hotel including Event-House fascinates with the Mediterranean solar terrace which is suitable for the champagne reception.

Venue for Wedding, Private event
Area Dortmund South
Zum Schlips

Zum Schlips   Brückenstraße 64, 44135 Dortmund

In Dortmund, the restaurant "Zum Schlips" awaits you as a legendary venue. Already during the 1950s, the pub with bowling alley was visited for the enjoyment of special drops from the Krämer distillery. Today, the charming restaurant welcomes you with a small but fine selection of food and drinks. In addition to brandy and liqueurs, one of them even giving its name, you can look forward to Stößchen, water and juniper tonic. This is served down to earth and far from the prevailing hype.

People capacity max. 30
Number of event areas 3 (largest event area: 25 m2)
Venue for Eat & Drink
Area Dortmund City Center
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