Max Ernst Museum Brühl des LVR for incentives

Max Ernst Museum Brühl of LVR does not only offer an optimal scenery for incentives, because of its architecture, but, as an oasis of imagination and creativity even downright calls for events, that have a lasting value to its participants.

Not far from UNESCO world heritage site Castle Augustusburg, with its park area, a classicist three-wing building of the 19th century rises, which was complemented by a centrally inserted glass pavilion and a “floating” entrance plateau. The amazing ingenuity and brilliant inspirational power of Max Ernst's works offer the perfect approach to not only get inspired in terms of thoughts, but also to use the opportunity to get active for oneself at the new Fantasie Labor (Imagination Laboratory).

After an introduction to the works of the artist, the techniques of collages, frottages and assemblages can be discovered and tried by oneself in practice. However, team building and abstract themes can also be depicted and processed in a surrealist way. Our event team gladly advises you about that. You create new insights and gateways to topics that maybe should have been tackled for quite a while.

Most definitely a lasting approach for an incentive.

The restaurant in the museum provides sustenance with pleasure.

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Venue facts
Venue for Event modules & Incentive programmes
Area Cologne surroundings, Brühl

Contact data
Bachstraße 5-9
53115 Bonn

   +49 (0) 2 28 / 20 70 - 309
Contact person
Frauke Brückner