GOLDBERG Restaurant & Winelounge

GOLDBERG Restaurant & Winelounge in Fellbach for Fine Dining

The guests of the GOLDBERG Restaurant & Winelounge in Fellbach appreciate not only the excellent cuisine, but also the unusual ambience of this gourmet's restaurant close to Stuttgart. The design is modern, but still timeless. Elegant, nevertheless, comfortable. He who would like to enjoy Fine Dining at premium level, this restaurant simply is the perfect place for it. In addition, there is an excellent service, so that the guest feels fine right away.

The creative culinary team under the direction of Philipp Kovacs conjures over and over again new palatal joys of the "Cross Culture Cuisine". Different culinary styles of the whole world are combined, so that quite unique dishes originate. In nice weather the creations can also be served on the garden terrace.

Lovers of noble drops become fast the habitués of the Winelounge. There are regional wines to be found just as the products of top winegrowers from the whole world. In addition, if required, Tapas or other snacks are served. Here we also offer diverse and informative wine events regularly.

If you want to look once behind the scenes of the gourmet's restaurant, you should take part in one of our cooking events. With maximum 15 participants you can delve into the world of the upscale cuisine. Tasteful menus originate and the contact with high-quality food is practiced under expert's guidance.

The GOLDBERG Restaurant & Winelounge opens on Mondays to Saturdays from 6 pm to 12 pm. 

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Venue facts
Venue for Eat & Drink
Area Stuttgart surroundings, Fellbach

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GOLDBERG Restaurant & Winelounge
Guntram-Palm-Platz 1
70736 Fellbach

   0711 / 55340 - 168
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Michaela Vögele