Venues in Augsburg

Venues in Augsburg

Find the best venue for your event in Augsburg

Augsburg welcomes you in southwestern Bavaria as a city with almost 290,000 inhabitants. The "Fuggerstadt" offers its residents and guests a colorful cultural program, sporting successes and it is also economically important. In addition, here you will find the right venue for almost any business or private event! With fiylo® you can create individual events with high-class equipment and the best catering, which will be remembered for a long time!

The best venues in Augsburg - with fiylo® you will find them!

Overview of exclusive venues in Augsburg

Augsburg, located in southwestern Bavaria, is not only one of the three largest cities in the state, it is also one of the oldest in Germany! Unsurprisingly, it matters culturally. Admire the architecture and historic buildings such as the oldest train station within a large city, which is still used in its original state! For various private or business events, you will also find exactly the right settings in Augsburg.

In the search for a unique venue for your event, fiylo® is the perfect partner. As the leading online marketing platform for event venues, we present you predestined buildings, function rooms and open-air spaces for every occasion. From a clear list, you can choose the ones that seem suitable for you and come to a detailed presentation after just one click. In addition to detailed texts, you will benefit from high-quality image and sometimes even video material and will learn all the important facts in the fact sheets provided. So you can design the right frame for every group size!

Of course, the selection of your favorite venue always depends on its facilities and equipment. That is why fiylo® presents these items to you individually. From room capacities to available furniture and technical equipment, you will find out in advance exactly what you can expect. Whether catering, decoration, accommodation or parking – you will not experience any unpleasant surprises in this way. Look forward to your private or business event and simply feel like one of the relaxed guests!

Venues in Augsburg for corporate events

Due to its good location, Augsburg has long been one of the most important industrial locations in Germany. Various large factories shape part of the cityscape and important companies have their headquarters here. Augsburg is also known and appreciated as a trade fair city. Benefit from such framework conditions if you want to motivate and inspire your employees in the course of a business event on site!

To foster the concentration of your team, certain conditions are required. A professionally appointed ambience can set the pace of success and if the catering offer or the exciting program is right, then nothing can go wrong. So be well-prepared when conducting business events such as conferences, seminars or meetings. fiylo® presents you great event rooms in Augsburg for all occasions and various group sizes. Just choose your favorite!

On our marketing platform you will find detailed descriptions and factsheets for each venue, which can usually answer most of your questions. In addition, high-quality image and partially video material provides the first visual impression. This information, including equipment, is important to estimate which activities can be implemented on site. Take the presentation of the seating options and the technical possibilities, the decoration and the accommodation in the area. We wish you much success!

Popular venues for private events in Augsburg

Augsburg is the only city in the country that has its own holiday! Every year on the 8th of August the Augsburg High Peace Festival is celebrated. In the course of this, the schoolchildren are given so-called peace pictures and in intervals of two to three years, there is also a party. Surely your private event will not be of such magnitude – go ahead anyway and make it a personal highlight!

A private party with the whole family has been your dream for years, but so far you have not dared to approach it? Just take a look at the offer compiled on our online marketing platform! Maybe you fall in love spontaneously in one of the venues and finally dare to realise your project. For sure, you will not regret it, because whether for a romantic wedding, a party or a relaxed BBQ in the open air – you will get the necessary details for all the potential venues and learn all about the modalities. Detailed descriptions, high-quality image and sometimes even video material as well as informative factsheets ensure optimal preparation. 

Simply compare the technical equipment with your requirements and get an idea of the capacities and the seating options that fit into them. Whether decoration, on-site service, catering or accommodation nearby – with fiylo® you know exactly what to expect. For every group size and all budgets we offer the right place for an event. And if you do not have time to enter your ideas into the search engine and to deal with the results yourself, our service will gladly support you completely free of charge!