Brunswick & Wolfsburg and its culinary delights

From the traditional brewery to wine bars serving fine wines

Traditional meets contemporary is today becoming the motto for Brunswick’s wealth of gastronomic delights that extend well beyond the city limits. Spend a few pleasant hours in the many different bars, Cafés, Clubs or Restaurants. No matter whether you fancy a quick after-work tipple or rather a 4 course leisurely dinner, Brunswick offers a range of different places and the best place to find them all together is fiylo®. By visiting our internet page you can do a lot of the footwork in advance and even make your reservations direct if so desired. Allow us to help you become inspired!

2 Venues

KUNSTMUSEUM WOLFSBURG   Hollerplatz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg

Number of event areas 11
Venue for Event, Event modules & Incentive programmes, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area Brunswick surroundings, Wolfsburg
  Train station   1,2 km
  Airport  Braunschweig 29, Hannover 90, Berlin 200, Hamburg 200 km
Zucker - Restaurant in der Raffinerie

Zucker - Restaurant in der Raffinerie   Frankfurter Straße 2, 38122 Braunschweig

People capacity 400
Number of event areas 3
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo, Eat & Drink
Area Brunswick South
  Train station   3 km
  Airport  6 km