Homecoming Essen

Homecoming in Essen

From school straight to the party

The final exams are written and the stress is over – now is the time to celebrate! So that the party becomes a full success, from which high school graduates and teachers, family and friends speak for a long time, the perfect organisation has to be done beforehand. On fiylo® Essen, there are numerous venues where every graduation party and every prom will become a rushing and unforgettable celebration.

3 Venues

DELTA MUSIK PARK Essen   Frohnhauser Straße 75, 45143 Essen

Number of event areas 8
Venue for Homecoming, Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area Essen City Center
Stadion an der Hafenstraße

Stadion an der Hafenstraße   Hafenstraße 97a, 45356 Essen

Number of event areas 7
Venue for Homecoming, Movie / Photo, Presentation, Event
Area Essen North
  Train station   0,8 km
  Airport  12 km
Stadtgarten Steele

Stadtgarten Steele   Am Stadtgarten 1, 45276 Essen

Number of event areas 4
Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation, Homecoming
Area Essen East
  Train station   4,5 km
  Airport  30 km