Venues in Leverkusen

Venues in Leverkusen

The top venues for your event in Leverkusen

Are you planning a large conference and are having to look for a first class event space? Or are you looking for a special wedding location that the happy couple will love?  In either case fiylo® Leverkusen will now help make the job of finding the right venue a lot easier.  With fiylo® Leverkusen you can quickly and easily find the ideal venue to match event, budget and group size requirements.  We can also gladly assist you further in the planning and implementation of your event via our free of charge recommendation service.

Top event services in Leverkusen

The best locations in Leverkusen – find them with fiylo®!

Overview of exclusive locations in Leverkusen

Eventhough Leverkusen is one of Germany’s biggest cities with 166.000 inhabitans the city is mainly knwon for the Bayer group and its soccer team. That this place where the Wupper flows into the Rhein also has locations to host exclusive events will be shown to you by fiylo®.

We are the right partner when looking for an event location for both privat and business occasions. Thanks to our many years of experience in marketing, slaes and within the event business we know an answer to every location question you have. Use our new and clear search engine and see a variety of event spaces that are suitable for you. Fast, reliable and free you can find high class results for every group size and budget. We are the leading online adress for event locations in Germany since 2007.

Half the way to success of your event is an exclusive, ambience filled or extraordinary space. But also just as important is the flow during the event. There are many difficulties: your guests can not find parking spots, hotels nearby are not there or fully booked, the food does not taste good and the lighting is not flattering. Prevent these bad surprises by looking into the circumstances inside the location on our website. The detailed information and high quality photo and video content will prepare you for your occasion and program. Technology or decoration, seating charts or furniture placement – we and our partners make sure that everything is just like you want it to.

Event locations in Leverkusen for business events

In Leverkusen an innovative middle class meets the high performance big industry. Not everything comes from the huge pharmatheutical company Bayer, there is a balance between him and the branches production, service and retail. No matter where your company is from – fiylo® offers the ideal frame for your business event.

A business event is hosted to work together in a concentrated surrounding and achieve the company goals. During these important events you should not let anything up for coincidence but plan everything with transperancy from the start. Even small things can effect the decision between success and failure. fiylo® Leverkusen makes sure that you can find the right conference hotels, congress rooms and congress centres for your meeting, the workshop or a conference. No matter if it is a christmas party, summer celebration or an exciting incentive: we provide top offers for every occasion.

Of course the work is not done after finding the right space because an event is more than just a location. But once you found it the base for a successfull event is made. In order for you to think about the surroundings and program we created detailed data and facts. With us you find space capacity and of course also basic information like parking spots and hotels nearby. Do not let anything up for coincidence while planing all relevant aspects in advance – with fiylo®!

Popular locations for privat events in Leverkusen

Education spaces like libaries, museums and music schools and also the event centre are all part of the city owned enterprise “KulturStadtLev“. Should the variety of offers of theater, music and sports not be of your taste or you want to adittionally host an event fiylo® is your partner.

From the moment where you decide that you want to create a privat event the planing starts. And of course the first questions will come and maybe even create problems. It does not have to become worse because you found your way to us. Party, wedding or family reunion we present to you clear and transparent many high class locations that are just right for any occasion. For every group size and budget we have an offer. You just have to choose.

Did you find your event space with our search engine, then the planing of details can start. Of course we will be by your side for this too as all of our locations include a detailed description and photo and video content. You shall not find bad surprises but be perfectly preparted from the beginning on. With the list of room size, capacity and technical equipment, decorations and tips for food and drinks we provide exactly this – so that you can enjoy your event and watch it turn into an experience!