Venues in Mainz

Venues in Mainz

The top venues for your events in Mainz

Are you looking to impress your clients by holding your event in a first class venue? Or are you looking for a romantic wedding location for what will be one of the most memorable days of your life?  On fiylo® Mainz you will find the ideal venue for whatever you are planning.  Easy to use and with all the facts at your fingertips, with fiylo® you can carefully select and compare the best venues in Mainz to find the ideal one to fit your requirements from the comfort of your own PC or tablet. Of course we are also there for you if you need some free of charge assistance in planning your event.

The best locations in Mainz – easy to find with fiylo®!

Overview of exclusive locations in Mainz

Welcome to Mainz the capital of Rheinland-Pfalz! With nearly 210.00 inhabitans this is the biggest city of the state. Look for top locations that can be used to host various events all with fiylo® .

Theme party, dance night, summer celebration or anniversary – with us every event ends succesfull! Thanks to the easy search space you can find the right location for your busniness or rivate event – and maybe even more possibilities that make deciding on the perfect location harder. We offer the right spaces for busniness events like conferences, workshops, meetings or incentives but also show you exclusive locations for your private celebration und get togethers of all kinds. For small and big groups you can find the right location with us. Just give it a try!

For every event space we show you the seating possibilities. This way you can check if your favourite has the right size for your event. In addition to the perfect space the right frame for your event is needed. Only if equipment and the technology fits to your planned event and the right caterer is available your event will end in success. Easy to find fiylo® lists what every location has to offer. So you can see  easily which location you can book. Profit from our know how and plan an excellent event with fiylo®!

Event Locations in Mainz for business occasions

Johannes Gutenberg invented printing around 1450 with moveable letters – and this happend in no other city than Mainz! Be innovative when it comes to host a business event and believe that you can create something long lasting for your business. A top location is the base for every successful meeting which fiylo® wants to create for you. Let’s start!

Your business event is supposed to motivate and challange its attendees. This is why you expect your location to help transfer this. Only when the space is right an atmosphere can be created that helps with concentration and work. With our portal we present a variety of conference rooms, congress center and event spaces for workshops and incentives. Find the right space for you with our search engine and see even more offers that suprise and inspire you.

No matter if you event is for your closest employees or everyone in your compamy - fiylo® has the right sized location. Of course you can find descriptions of seating possibilities, decorations and equipment. What kind of technology is provided and what has to be orderd external if needed? Are there enough over night stays and parking spots available? And who is looking after your guests and their needs? A business event includes some difficulties. With our help you can get over these difficulties and do not have to worry about surprises or problems. Instead concentrate on the context of your event. fiylo® wishes you luck and success!

Popular Locations for Private Events in Mainz

Mainz is an important place in the german television business as it is host to the channels ZDF, SWR and 3Sat. In addition the city is one of the most popular cities during the “Fastnacht“ (carnival) and offers many cultural events like theaters, acting and music throughout the year. For all the people who still cannot find a good event to attend the possibility of hosting a very own event is always there. Just decide which theme your next party is supposed to have, which topic is the next of your exhibition and how many guests are coming. fiylo® presents the most exclusive, unique, beautiful and fitting locations for every private occasion. With us you have the oppertunity of embracing your creativity and live your visions. For every budget and taste the right location – on our portal you can find it fast, reliable and free.

Of course there is more to hosting an event than finding the right location. At the beginning it has to be cleat how many people can fit inot the location, if there are parking spots nearby and if there are hotels for guests are available nearby if needed. Options for decoration have to be decided on just like the possibilitiy to seperate parts of the room with walls or seating options. Also technology plays an important role for many events. fiylo® makes sure that you do not forget anything while planing and will communicate between you and our high class service partners. Technology or catering we only work with professionals. This and our know how guarantees a successful developement of your event. Free and reliable!

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