Venues in Quedlinburg

Venues in Quedlinburg

Representative venues for events in Quedlinburg

North of the Harz, the UNESCO World Heritage city has been captivating visitors with its picturesque cityscape since the 10th century. More than 2,000 half-timbered houses from eight centuries form the largest surface monument in Germany in this medieval city. In Quedlinburg there are numerous historical venues that were already used by German emperors for meetings, cultural events or festive occasions. Behind the historic façades, exclusive event rooms await you that meet the highest demands of modern venues. 

Top venues in Quedlinburg

The perfect venue in Quedlinburg for every event

The town on the Bode has an impressive architectural heritage, for which Quedlinburg has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994. Here in Saxony-Anhalt you can expect the largest surface monument in Germany with its more than 1,000 years old city. 2,069 half-timbered buildings from eight centuries form a kind of "medieval city" north of the Harz. The picturesque cityscape is characterised by carefully restored Romanesque architecture to Art Nouveau.

It is not surprising then that the World Heritage City is a popular backdrop for photo shoots and film productions. However, you will not only find numerous traditional film locations in Quedlinburg, but also historical event venues with which you can impress your guests. Various major events attract several thousand visitors to the city each year, regardless of whether it's about music, art or culture. Here you can also organise yourself a big party!

For events with a large audience, you will find several stylish function rooms in the picturesque city center, which impress with a historical façade from the outside and first-class amenities from the inside. Numerous hotels near the venues provide comfortable accommodation for your event guests.

Exclusive venues for business events in Quedlinburg

With its location in central Germany, Quedlinburg is predestined as a venue for business events with guests from all over Germany and Europe. As early as the 10th century, important personalities, such as Emperor Otto the Great, came to Quedlinburg for political, scientific or business meetings.

Luckily, the historic old town remained intact during the Second World War, so today you can meet in original and lovingly restored rooms, just as secular rulers did more than 1,000 years ago. It does not matter if you are planning a small get-together or a big congress, whether you want to organise an international conference or a company party, because for every size of group and every taste there is the appropriate event and meeting room in Quedlinburg.

Of course, the traditional venues are up-to-date in terms of equipment, technology and service. There are many interesting options available for breaks or as a supporting program for your conferences. Stroll through the cobblestone streets and discover the eclectic cultural history of the medieval city in the traditional buildings, shops or museums.

Impressive venues for private events in Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg is home to more than 24,000 people and at least as many beautiful spots can be found in the city. If you invite to a family celebration or a private occasion such as birthday party, christening or confirmation in the representative venues in the Harz, your guests will be amazed. Of course, the medieval city is also perfect for your dream wedding. You will certainly find a romantic setting for your wedding in Quedlinburg. 

It's especially quick and easy with fiylo® Quedlinburg. We show you the most beautiful event rooms, halls and venues for private parties in the city on the Bode. There are also numerous open air locations to discover for the warmer season.

Event planners not only appreciate the unique flair of this World Heritage city and the good location in the heart of Germany, but also the short distances within the city. For your event, you can easily schedule a location hopping and also the way from the venue to the hotel is usually possible on foot. With the versatile cultural offer and the idyllic destinations in the nature, it is also ideal to connect the event with a holiday in Quedlinburg.