Venues in Ulm

Venues in Ulm

A venue selection for your event highlights in Ulm

Conduct private or business events in Ulm and enjoy a large selection of venues, the university town in Baden-Württemberg close to Bavaria. Whether in small groups for a private occasion or as a professional business event – with fiylo® Ulm you will find the perfect venue quickly, comfortably and easily. Of course, framework conditions such as equipment, technology or catering are considered!

The best venues in Ulm – fiylo® will show them to you!

Overview of exclusive venues in Ulm

Ulm, the university city in Baden-Württemberg, has more than 122,000 inhabitants and is one of the fourteen regional centres in Germany. Since large parts of the medieval old town were lost in the Second World War, the cityscape today is characterised by a striking contrast between modern and historic buildings, mostly just facades. Depending on your taste, there are certainly various places that can serve as a suitable backdrop for your private or business events!

For events of all kinds, you will get the right environment on our online marketing platform. Whether private events such as a wedding in an old castle, variable party rooms for the glittering birthday party or a noble ambience as a framework of the anniversary – we do not deliver only one proposal, but a whole selection! You can also find conference hotels, congress centers or function rooms for the successful realisation of your business events. For each venue there are also detailed descriptions as text and factsheet, high-quality images and sometimes even videos.

Simply enter your ideas into the search widget and let yourself be guided directly to the relevant venues. Whether a rough overview or the needle in a haystack – you will surely quickly discover what you are looking for. If you do not have time to do your own search, you can also hand this task over to us. In this case, competent employees are looking for a variety of predestined venues for you. Rely on over ten years of know-how in the event industry and look forward to your individual event!

Venues in Ulm for corporate events

Ulm is not only the seat of a Chamber of Trade, Industry and Commerce, but also the electronic industry and the manufacture of weapons have an important position here. As early as the 19th century, firefighting equipment was also manufactured locally and many large companies still have their headquarters in Ulm. In the northeastern location is also the exhibition center and for a professional implementation of various business events you will not only find predestined venues here!

During the last business event, you decided to surprise and motivate your team with a different setting next time, but you do not know how and where to start? No problem! Simply enter your ideas in detail or a little coarser in the search function offered on our platform and look forward to a split-second selection of all relevant venues. Based on detailed descriptions, detailed factsheets as well as images in photo and sometimes even video form, the selection is made easier for you. From equipment to technology to the seating options you will learn everything worth knowing about the offer.

If your time is too short for your own search, we will gladly take it from you! In this case, simply contact our staff and get a selection of venues for your conference, the seminar, meetings or an incentive and present – of course, this service is completely free of charge for you. Special requests such as certain packages, catering or overnight accommodation in the vicinity can of course be directly voiced. In this way, you are guaranteed to find exactly the conference hotel, congress center or the various large event rooms that you have in mind!

Popular venues for private events in Ulm

Ulm is a city characterised by culture. One of the numerous theaters dates back to 1641, making it the oldest urban house in the entire Federal Republic. Museums and associations inspire residents and tourists alike with changing programs and events such as the Kleinbrauer Markt, the Einstein Marathon or the Kulturnacht, which ensure lasting memories among their visitors. Take a heart and make a very special event! Although the magnitude will not be comparable, but for the participants, if properly planned in this way it will be a highlight!

Whether an unforgettable wedding in front of a dreamlike background, the big party with friends or a cozy BBQ in the open air – private events are predestined for the creation of unique memories with your loved ones. Anyway, it's worth celebrating your birthday, your party will be only once and a jubilee in a noble environment will not only delight your guests. Whatever you want to realise, on our online marketing platform you will find the right venues for all occasions. Depending on the size of the group and the budget, we present the backdrop for your events.

In addition to the right venue, the framework offer must be right. Whether technical equipment or furniture, you will learn in advance through detailed descriptions and informative factsheets exactly what awaits you on site. From different seating arrangements on the catering offer to parking and accommodation options, we present everything to the best of our knowledge. Just enter your ideas in the search widget and determine your personal favorites within the selection. Alternatively, our service team will gladly take over the search and will then deliver you great results free of charge. Your only problem: you will be spoilt for choice...