Major events in Hamburg

Major events in Hamburg

TOP venues for extraordinary Major events in Hamburg

Whatever to you have in mind when planning your major event – presents you with reputable partners and impressive event spaces to aide you hosting successful major events. Impress your guests with excellent acoustics, stunning light shows and deliciouscatering. The venue team’s own experts are on hand to gladly help you with advice and support for the implementation of your event.Outdoor events held directly on the waterfront can be carried out with the ideal location partner whilst similarly Hamburg lends itself to hosting extensive trade fairs or concerts held in multi-functional halls. Let find you a suitable setting for your major event in Hamburg.

21 Venues
ACO Messehalle

ACO Messehalle   Am Friedrichsbrunnen, 24782 Büdelsdorf

As part of the ACO Academy and in the middle of the industrial park in Büdelsdorf's easily accessible location, the exhibition hall welcomes you for individual events. Invite up to 2,000 people to a trade fair or use the ambience for incentives, film and photo shoots. Business events such as workshops, training courses, seminars or congresses are also possible here. As a backdrop for exhibitions and presentations, the light-flooded venue is also convincing all along the line.

People capacity max. 2.000
Number of event areas 1 (largest event area: 2.900 m2)
Venue for Event, Event modules & Incentive programmes, Movie / Photo
Area Hamburg Airport, Hamburg surroundings, Hamburg North
ACO Thormannhalle

ACO Thormannhalle   Am Ahlmannkai, 24782 Büdelsdorf

The ACO Thormannhalle lies in Büdelsdorf, in the surroundings of Hamburg, and it is the perfect location for unforgettable big events. The hall is a combination of barn, art centre and warehouse making the special charm of this location. Besides, the building is surrounded by the sculpture park of the art exhibition Nord Art.

People capacity max. 1.200
Number of event areas 1
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo
Area Hamburg Airport, Hamburg North, Hamburg surroundings
  Train station   1,5 km
  Airport  99 km
Alte Hagenbeck´sche Dressurhalle

Alte Hagenbeck´sche Dressurhalle   Gazellenkamp 155, 22527 Hamburg

The Alte Hagenbeck'sche Dressurhalle convinces in an easily accessible location of Hamburg with a freshly renovated yet historic ambience. On a total area of 1,090 m² there is room for up to 800 people - or would you prefer to choose an event area only? The lounge with bar and terrace access is suitable for up to 80 guests, while the magnificent ballroom is designed for up to 600 people on over 600 m². "Gerresheim serves" reliably accompanies you during planning and implementation.

People capacity max. 800
Number of event areas 4
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo
Area Hamburg Airport, Hamburg West, Hamburg North
  Train station   8,5 km
  Airport  7,5 km
Altonaer Fischauktionshalle

Altonaer Fischauktionshalle   Große Elbstraße 9, 22767 Hamburg

Are you looking for a perfect location for your major event in Hamburg? Then you will be completely delighted by the Altonaer Fischauktionshalle. The event hall offers everything you need for an unforgettable event. The water location was built in the style of a Roman basilica and has a unique charm until today. Naturally, the catering for your event will be taken care of at this cultural location. And also any further organizational tasks, if you wish.

People capacity max. 3.500
Number of event areas 3 (largest event area: 2.300 m2)
Venue for Event modules & Incentive programmes, Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo
Area Hamburg Port / Elbe
  Train station   5 km
  Airport  12 km
Bahrenfelder Trabrennbahn

Bahrenfelder Trabrennbahn   Luruper Chaussee 30, 22761 Hamburg

Gala dinner, reception and get-together with business partners: The Bahrenfelder trotting course in Hamburg is a diverse special location. Big events with thousands of visitors are practicable as well as events for smaller purposes. The racecourse feeling is quite a special highlight for every guest, so that every event becomes an incomparable experience.

People capacity max. 80.000
Number of event areas 68
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo, Private event, Homecoming
Area Hamburg West
  Train station   12 km
  Airport  14 km
Barclays Arena

Barclays Arena   Sylvesterallee 10, 22525 Hamburg

For your events and major events in Hamburg the Barclays Arena with its manifold gastronomy is the ideal event location. It is one of the most impressing arenas in Germany with an extraordinary and extra-flexible room concept. Whether sports events or concerts, whether company events, congresses or parties with a small group of 15 persons or events with more than 10,000 guests: the Barclays Arena offers for all events the proper locations.

People capacity max. 12.000
Number of event areas 9 (largest event area: 3.600 m2)
Area Hamburg West
  Train station   1,3 km
  Airport  11,2 km
Beach Hamburg

Beach Hamburg   Alter Teichweg 220, 22049 Hamburg

Both event halls of the Beach Hamburg are optimally suited for big events of all kind. They are equipped with fine and heated white sand, so that your guests immediately get real holiday feelings. In addition, the adjoining bars are available to you as event areas, providing for a total of 3,000 m² of event surface in the location. Moreover, in summer you can incorporate in your planning the big outside areas.

Area Hamburg North, Hamburg East
Center Parcs Bispinger Heide

Center Parcs Bispinger Heide   Töpinger Straße 69, 29464 Bispingen

Very close to Hamburg there lies the wonderful Center Parcs Bispinger Heide. Surrounded by the picturesque Lüneburger Heide big events succeed particularly well. The dreamlike arrangement with the unique botany is always a centre for event location of every scale - all the same, whether private or business occasion. Here everything is superlative.

People capacity max. 1.000
Number of event areas 10 (largest event area: 1.300 m2)
Area Hamburg surroundings
  Train station   20 km
  Airport  80 km
Cruise Center Altona

Cruise Center Altona   Van der Smissen Straße 5, 22767 Hamburg

Embedded between the glass gate and the fish market the design location "Hamburg Cruise Center Altona" is to be found with a breathtaking look over the Elbe. The water location takes up to 2,000 people and puts brands and products incredibly in scene. 200 parking bays, 15 coach tracks, taxi rows, a unique roof terrace and a separate cafe make Hamburg Cruise Center Altona the new pearl amongst the locations for big events in Hamburg.

People capacity max. 800
Number of event areas 1 (largest event area: 1.325 m2)
Area Hamburg Reeperbahn, Hamburg Port / Elbe
  Train station   2 km
  Airport  10 km
Event Center | Volksparkstadion

Event Center | Volksparkstadion   Sylvesterallee 7, 22525 Hamburg

In Hamburg's Volksparkstadion people cheer, cry, hope - and, of course, celebrate. Not only on the field, but also at the most diverse events in the new event center. Attract up to 1,000 guests at corporate events, Christmas parties, PR events or product presentations in this legendary venue. A stylish ambience, flexible surfaces and impressive panoramic views of the stadium interior await you in the 1,300 m² event area.

People capacity max. 1.000
Number of event areas 6 (largest event area: 1.300 m2)
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo
Area Hamburg surroundings, Hamburg North
  Train station   10,3 km
  Airport  11,6 km
Eventschiff MS KOI

Eventschiff MS KOI   Boysenstraße 13, 25980 Westerland/Sylt

Are you looking for a representative and impressive special location for your big event? Then the MS KOI is certainly the right venue for you! The seaworthy event ship will operate with you every port on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Events with up to 550 persons can be carried out on board the MS KOI. Your guests will be delighted by the elegant ambience and the great atmosphere.

People capacity max. 550
Number of event areas 3 (largest event area: 265 m2)
Area Hamburg Speicherstadt / Hafencity, Hamburg Port / Elbe
Grand Elysée Hamburg

Grand Elysée Hamburg   Rothenbaumchaussee 10, 20148 Hamburg

The private hotel Grand Elysée lives on the contrasts: The French charm of the high-quality establishment meets fashionable elegance of the hospitable Hanseatic city. High-carat big events belong to the "choosing" of our many-faceted event port-folio. For unforgettable big events with up to 1,000 people we are the first address.

Area Hamburg City Center / Alster, Hamburg Fair
Hansahafen Hamburg

Hansahafen Hamburg   Australiastraße 51b, 20457 Hamburg

The HANSAHAFEN in the heart of Hamburg offers diverse venues and large open spaces, the ideal conditions for a major event directly on the Elbe. On the site you will find historic buildings and ships such as the BLEACHEN and LUKE II as well as empty areas and old salons, which are ideal for innovative events. Look forward to a special ambience and plan your event with a view of the sights of Hamburg.

People capacity max. 400
Number of event areas 10 (largest event area: 10.000 m2)
Area Hamburg Speicherstadt / Hafencity, Hamburg Port / Elbe
  Train station   6,4 km
  Airport  29,4 km
Kuppel Hamburg

Kuppel Hamburg   Luruper Chaussee 30, 22761 Hamburg

In central situation between the Altonaer Volkspark and the trotting course Bahrenfeld an absolutey special location expects you - the Kuppel Hamburg. On 3,500 sqm three rooms can be used for events of almost every kind. On site carry out big events with max. 4,000 guests or use the facilities for a rushing party with friends. Whether birthday, wedding, incentive or conference - here you get your money worth. In addition, we also care about the catering and modern technical equipment.

People capacity max. 4.000
Number of event areas 53
Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Homecoming
Area Hamburg West
Schuppen 52 in Hamburg

Schuppen 52 in Hamburg   Australiastraße 52 B, 20457 Hamburg

With the location „Schuppen 52“ Gerresheim Serviert is a very popular place to celebrate exclusive weddings, hold presentations or launch company celebrations. The classy location on the quay, from the time of the Emperor, is situated at the harbor and offers a romantic view of the panorama of the city of Hamburg and the Elbe, the city’s famous river. At the same time it reflects a century of the happenings at the harbor and the life on the ocean waves.

People capacity max. 3.000
Number of event areas 1 (largest event area: 5.617 m2)
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo, Homecoming
Area Hamburg Speicherstadt / Hafencity, Hamburg Port / Elbe
  Train station   6,4 km
  Airport  18 km
Stage Operettenhaus

Stage Operettenhaus   Spielbudenplatz 1, 20359 Hamburg

With a view of the legendary Reeperbahn, the Stage Operettenhaus welcomes you as an absolute special location for your events in Hamburg. On a total of 1,768 m², the theatre combines tradition and modernity and offers the right setting for business or cultural events on two floors. Use the three function rooms, including the impressive theatre hall for large events or get together with 200 people in the separate lounge area. Of course, high-class equipment is always at your disposal.

People capacity max. 1.380
Number of event areas 2
Venue for Event, Movie / Photo, Presentation
Area Hamburg Reeperbahn
  Train station   3 km
  Airport  12 km
Stage Theater an der Elbe

Stage Theater an der Elbe   Norderelbstraße 8, 20457 Hamburg

Celebrate exclusive events of all kinds in our cultural arena! The new Stage Theater an der Elbe is partly barrier-free and a brilliant event space. Experience spectacular events in our elegant venues with 300, 500, 1,000 or even more than 1,500 people! If you feel like theater & variety, you will feel more than welcome at the Stage Theater an der Elbe. The AIDA-MUSICAL-BOULEVARD is certainly the place for first class entertainment.

People capacity max. 1.900
Number of event areas 4 (largest event area: 1.350 m2)
Area Hamburg Port / Elbe
  Train station   6 km
  Airport  20 km
Stage Theater Neue Flora

Stage Theater Neue Flora   Stresemannstraße 159a, 22769 Hamburg

Are you looking for an event room for your next presentation in Hamburg? Or would you like to celebrate your birthday at a special location? Theater Neue Flora offers a magnificent scenery for the most varying occasions. The house in the architectural style of the 1920s impresses visitors because of the exterior alone. Invite your guests to one of the landmarks of Hamburg! They will never ever forget this event.

People capacity max. 1.900
Number of event areas 6 (largest event area: 1.530 m2)
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo
Area Hamburg City Center / Alster
  Train station   2 km
  Airport  8 km

StrandPauli   St. Pauli Hafenstraße 89, 20359 Hamburg

From May to September the StrandPauli in Hamburg is a popular open-air location which is also booked with pleasure for big events by corporate clients. On our spacious area directly on the Northern Elbe you can receive approx. 900 guests and experience real beach feeling at Saint Pauli! The visitors will certainly remember this event for a long time.

People capacity max. 1.100
Number of event areas 1 (largest event area: 1.100 m2)
Area Hamburg Reeperbahn, Hamburg Port / Elbe
  Train station   0,7 km
  Airport  12 km

Tropen-Aquarium   Lokstedter Grenzstraße 2, 22527 Hamburg

Meetings and events amongst the tropical flora and fauna surrounded by coral reefs and colorful fishes – this adventure offers only one of the special locations in Hamburg: the tropical aquarium Hagenbeck. Up to 750 guests can experience unforgettable events here. The combinable event areas of the event location offer an ideal opportunity for very special occasions.

People capacity max. 350
Number of event areas 8
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo
Area Hamburg Airport, Hamburg North, Hamburg West
  Train station   8,5 km
  Airport  7,5 km