Meeting rooms Nuremberg

Meeting rooms in Nuremberg

Meeting rooms Nuremberg

For a successful outcome of your conference it is crucial that you find the suitable setting. Light-flooded and friendly conference rooms in Nuremberg create a pleasant atmosphere among your participants and modern technology guarantees a smooth work routine. fiylo® helps you host your triumphal business event in Bavaria´s second largest city and presents to you a wide range of locations in which you can impress your participants with lectures and presentations while motivating them to achieve their maximum performance. 

6 Venues
dasPaul | smart + urban

dasPaul | smart + urban   Kaiserstraße 22, 90403 Nürnberg

People capacity max. 200
Number of event areas 3 (largest event area: 127 m2)
Venue for Event, Presentation, Movie / Photo, Wedding, Private event, Conference & Congress, Meeting, Event modules & Incentive programmes, Eat & Drink
Area Nürnberg
  Train station   1 km
  Airport  7 km

ENERGIEPARK   Leimhüll 8, 96114 Hirschaid

People capacity 1200
Number of event areas 5
Venue for Conference & Congress, Meeting
Area Nürnberg
  Train station   0,25 km
  Airport  45 km
Max Morlock Stadion

Max Morlock Stadion   Max-Morlock-Platz 1, 90471 Nürnberg

People capacity max. 50.000
Number of event areas 30
Venue for Event, Conference & Congress, Meeting, Presentation, Movie / Photo, Private event, Wedding, New Year´s celebration
Area Nürnberg
  Train station   5,1 km
  Airport  10,6 km
Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg

Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg   Münchener Straße 21, 90478 Nürnberg

People capacity max. 2.121
Number of event areas 11 (largest event area: 2.613 m2)
Venue for Homecoming, Eat & Drink, Event, Movie / Photo, Meeting, Presentation, Conference & Congress
Area Nürnberg
  Train station   3,5 km km
  Airport  10 km km

PARKS   Berliner Platz 9, 90409 Nürnberg

People capacity max. 1.200
Number of event areas 9 (largest event area: 2.000 m2)
Venue for Eat & Drink, Event, Wedding, Meeting, Private event, Conference & Congress
Area Nürnberg
  Train station   3,5 km
  Airport  7,9 km
Toni Travolta

Toni Travolta   Adlerstraße 28, 90403 Nürnberg

Venue for Homecoming, Eat & Drink, Event, Event modules & Incentive programmes, Movie / Photo, Wedding, Meeting, Presentation, Private event, Conference & Congress
Area Nürnberg
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