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In Brunswick, the second largest city of Lower Saxony, there are some companies where you can rent furniture for every opportunity. There are, for example, bar tables with covers for the festive receipt, beer tent furniture for the country-style garden party, banquet tables in round and angular shape, counters for the pub and quite a lot more. Of course you can calmly select in a catalogue which kind of rental furniture are fitting best to your event. Should it be elegant and stylish or rather comfortable and rustic? Mostly you can choose between different styles, so that you can put together the rental furniture according to your own taste.

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The Volkswagen Arena, the paläon or the Ideenherd reresent only three striking examples of the location variety of the Braunschweig region. With rent pieces of furniture from Party Rent you dispose of a wide spectrum of tools for the individual layout of event locations in and around Braunschweig.