Losberger Zeltverleih is your creative partner if it is a matter of putting an event capably in scene. Whether fair, garden party or child party: Our tents are suitable for every occasion. We construct to you the mobile event rooms exactly where you need them - without if and, however!

We deliver to you not only the suitable tent, but look of course also after the perfect interior furnishing. From the decoration about the seats up to heating appliances and air-conditioning you get everything from a hand - of course, always on time and reliably.

Do you need a big festival tent for several hundred people? Or do you fancy a large tent scenery in the park? We simply plan everything for your event and let arise luxurious tent sceneries, if requested.

The employees of Losberger Zeltverleih have got long-standing experience and certainly know what is important. For more than 90 years organizers can rely on our skills.

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Losberger GmbH
Am Jägerhof 15
16567 Mühlenbeck

   +49 (0) 3 30 56 / 23 79 - 1
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Petra Burchardt

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