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Copenhagen is considered the cultural and economic centre of the Danish kingdom, which is currently under the reign of Queen Margrethe II. The Danish metropolis is one of the most popular cities in Northern Europe. The many sights attract millions of tourists every year to the port city. In 1996, Copenhagen was named European City of Culture and offers you and your guests a wide range of impressive buildings, opera, theatre and drama as well as modern architecture. The most famous theatre in the city is the Royal Theatre, which was built in 1874 and has not inspired only the royal families since then. Particularly popular photo opportunities are the Nyhavn, which exudes pure Nordic joie de vivre through its colourful rows of houses, and the little mermaid, which welcomes the tourists in Copenhagen as the official landmark of the city. The little mermaid was designed by the sculptor Edvard Eriksen and goes back to the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Not only the sights, but everything in Copenhagen has many exciting stories to tell. Plan your event in Copenhagen and discover the Northern European metropolis!

You want to escape the daily routine and gain exciting, new experiences? Then a visit to Copenhagen is just perfect for you. The many restaurants, bars and hotels are the ideal venue for your very individual event. Plan your birthday party in the centre of the Danish capital and lure your guests to Copenhagen with an exciting themed party. Or plan an exclusive business trip that will convince your business partners of your strengths.

At you get a detailed overview of hotels, bars and other locations that will make your stay in Copenhagen unforgettable. Our employees have carefully compiled a list of all the renowned venues in the city for you. Browse through the different categories and find the venue that suits perfectly you and your occasion. Enter your requirements regarding the number of guests, your budget and your preferences and get a tailor-made offer. Discover together with us the Nordic beauty of Copenhagen and plan a successful event!

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The history of Copenhagen dates back to the 12th century. In the village of Oresund, a castle was built to protect the small trading port of Schonen and Amager at the fishing settlement Havn from enemy attacks and robbers. The direct connection to the sea and the central location quickly gave the fishing settlement a high reputation. With increasing economic power, the interest of the population grew in the formerly small fishing village and more and more Danes decided to move to Havn. Over the centuries, Copenhagen has witnessed numerous naval battles between Britain and other major powers due to its maritime position. In 1801 and 1807, the British fired on the Danish capital at the Battle of Copenhagen. Nowadays, Copenhagen is considered a knowledge and business centre due to its good infrastructure and excellent education. Benefit from the innovative power of Copenhagen and invite your business partners to an unforgettable event with Nordic flair!

In Copenhagen you will find a variety of venues that meet the requirements of a business event ideal: Modern conference rooms with the latest conference technology, a projector, screen and microphone system will support you in your presentation. Whether it is a big event or a meeting in a small group – in Copenhagen you will find the ideal venue that suits you as an entrepreneur and your brand. Look forward to innovative discussions and a pleasant working atmosphere.

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Let the fairy tale about the little mermaid be told in the picturesque maritime ambience of Copenhagen and discover one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe. Copenhagen is not only the economic centre of the country, but the city has also culturally a lot to offer to its guests: the Copenhagen City Hall, the old stock exchange and the Christiansborg Palace are just a few of the many attractions that await you in Copenhagen. Plan a city tour of the harbour area or visit the renowned Royal Theatre and experience unique moments. Let yourself be delighted by the serenity of the Danes and plan an individual event in the middle of one of the busiest port cities in the world.

Whether a birthday party, the farewell of a long-time friend or a confirmation – Try something new and celebrate a glittering party in the middle of the sea. With its variety of restaurants, bars and hotels, Copenhagen is the ideal place to plan memorable events. Have you been dreaming of a wedding by the sea for a long time and do you love the rough waves of the North and Baltic Seas? Then come to Copenhagen and plan your wedding in a maritime atmosphere. Many service providers and service staff will support you in your event and make your stay in the capital of Denmark unforgettable. Visit the little mermaid and forget the stress and everyday life.

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