CineStar Remscheid Cinema as location for events & conferences in Remscheid

The CineStar Remscheid for events & conferences 

"This is great cinema!" - even hardened event professionals who like to claim they have already seen "everything" go into raptures after a successful event, for example a conference or presentation, a meeting or a congress, even a film or photo shoot in the CineStar Remscheid. 

It is one of the youngest multiplexes in the CineStar chain, seats 1094 people in six cinema halls and shines with all the presentation technology refinements that are possible today. The two largest auditoriums, each with 300 seats, also seduce guests with incredibly comfortable leather armchairs from which you never want to get up again. The fact that presenting and the relationship to film and photography are deeply anchored in the genes of a cinema may not surprise anyone - but the situation is completely different for classic business events such as conferences or similar events. 

There is still a lot of attention and curiosity on the part of the guests when they read in their invitations that a cinema has been booked as the location. And yet it is obvious: Let us grant speakers the certainty that their lectures can be followed from every seat without any disturbance whatsoever due to the special seating arrangement. 

In view of 4K projectors, Dolby Atmos® sound and other top features, it seems almost superfluous to go into the didactic advantages of modern event technology at this point... You simply have to experience it - roll the film!

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Venue facts
Venue for Event, Conference & Congress, Meeting, Presentation
Area Wuppertal

Contact data
CineStar Remscheid
Willy-Brandt-Platz 1
42859 Remscheid

   +49 800 2113069
Contact person
Robert Goralski