Kitchen equipment Brunswick

Kitchen equipment in Brunswick

Professional kitchen equipment for any event

You do need professional kitchen equipment for a certain event? In Brunswick, the second largest city in Lower Saxony, you will find some suppliers who lend quite uncomplicated the necessary kitchen equipment. For example, espresso machines, fryers and jug blenders, but also ice machines and even the complete kitchen interior belong to it. Thus you can rent a fully equipped kitchen which is delivered of course and is built up by professionals. This is an advantage above all when you like to rent an event space which does not have any integrated kitchen at all.

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Party Rent Hannover GmbH

Party Rent Hannover GmbH   Am Teinkamp 9, 31157 Sarstedt

Catering and kitchen equipment is rentable at Party Rent. No matter if you plan an event nsidide the Volkswagen Arena, in the paläeon or inside the Ideenherd: the food concept plays an important role in tge multi sensored perception. With the Party Rent Group you do not only have a big portfolio of table top accessoires for events in Braunschweig. You also have a relatable partner for planing and developing of mobile kitchens right by your side.